No Joe Schmo Featured on Forbes’ Top 75 Websites For Your Career

Big, exciting news for No Joe Schmo this weekend! From a roster of roughly 700 different websites, was selected as one of Forbes’ Top 75 Websites For Your Career. From

No Joe Schmo delves behind the scenes of jobs you wish you had (like the roller coaster engineer), jobs that make you squirm (the alligator wrestler), and jobs you didn’t know existed (the dirty car window artist). The men and women who comprise the fabric of No Joe Schmo hail from local communities to mass markets. And while you probably wouldn’t recognize them on TV, their stories and career paths are just as inspirational, insightful, and worthwhile.

The list, which was assembled by Forbes writers Jacquelyn Smith and Susan Adams, is the first of its kind on; it was inspired by ForbesWoman’s list of Top 100 Websites For Women. The “comprehensive guide to smart and engaging sites” incudes a wide range of sites, including “blogs, job aggregators and boards, personal career coaching pages, and traditional media outlets’ career sites that could be useful to those in traditional 9 to 5 office jobs.”

No Joe Schmo launched about 16 months ago with an inaugural post about a hot, young, and single circus ringmaster. To date, the site has featured more than 90 individuals with cool, crazy jobs, including a Foodie Fridays series and tidbits of career advice.

A big thanks goes out to all No Joe Schmo’s loyal readers, interviewees, and interview coordinators. You can continue your support in several ways:

  • Suggest a No Joe Schmo: either a specific person or a cool job you heard about
  • “Like” the No Joe Schmo Facebook page for inside scoops, photos, and polls
  • Subscribe to No Joe Schmo and receive notifications of new posts right to your email inbox. Click the +Follow button that appears in the toolbar at the top of the site when you’re logged into

Here’s to lots more #NoJoeSchmo love!

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