Foodie Friday: The Kimchi Taco Truck

Today’s Foodie Friday is the first No Joe Schmo snapshot, a new series that will briefly chronicle a cool or crazy job through one photograph (snapped by yours truly). The snapshot series — which will appear several times each month — are super-condensed versions of No Joe Schmo posts, just featuring the photo, one or two direct quotes describing the job, and a bit of logistical info. The series kicks off with a Foodie Friday featuring a New York City food truck!

“Kimchi, a part of Korean culture, isn’t too big in the United States. By mixing it with tacos, we’re bringing it to mainstream New York. I love introducing people to something they don’t know about.”

Who: Christian Manzo, 27
What: Part-time worker at the Kimchi Taco Truck, which serves up Korean barbecue-inspired tacos stuffed with marinated beef, braised pork, and chicken. The truck’s owners fused their Korean heritage with their Philadelphia roots, resulting in a Kim-Cheesesteak Sandwich. All kimchi is made in-house.
Kimchi is: Spicy, pickled cabbage “essential to every Korean meal.”
Where: Various destinations in Manhattan, NY, including Soho, Midtown, and Astor Place.
Favorite menu item: Pork tacos.
Originally hails from: San Francisco, where Korean culture and food trucks are “huge.”

Follow Kimchi Taco Truck on Twitter at @KimchiTruck and on Facebook, where the truck lists its lunch and dinner schedules.

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