The Top 5 No Joe Schmos of 2012

New years hat2012 has been an exciting year for No Joe Schmo. Most notably, we were featured on Forbes‘ first-ever list of Top 75 Websites For Your Career, and we hit our 100th post here on We’re planning even more exciting things for 2013.

This year-end list does not include viral videos, cats, or fiscal cliff jokes. Rather, it’s a handful of the some of the most cool-and-crazy No Joe Schmos featured this year. From the Naked Cowboy to Santa Claus, these are the stories of individuals that have made a living by finding — or making — work for themselves in unusual places. Happy reading, happy sharing, and happy New Year!

5. The Miniature Food Artist | Shay Aaron began creating miniaturized food sculptures at 1:12 scale that look almost completely edible, and used the hobby to curb his appetite.

4. The Magician Who Lives in the Waldorf Astoria | Steve Cohen brings in about 300 viewers each weekend – including high-profile guests like Martha Stewart, Barry Diller, and David Rockefeller  – and a seven-figure annual income.

3. The Naked Cowboy Reads Nietzsche | Every morning, despite sleet and snow, 41-year-old Robert Burck climbs out of his Escalade, takes off his t-shirt and shorts, and slithers into a pair of tighty-whities. They’re a boys’ size 12.

2. The Mall Santa Who Wears Birkenstocks and Kneepads | Santa “Sid,” who has been working at the Mall of America every holiday season for 16 years, doesn’t wear a coat or hat. “The fur makes kids cry,” he says.

1. The SNL Cue Cards Guy | Wally Feresten was once almost fired for his sloppy handwriting. Now, 22 years later, he owns a successful cue card company that handles Saturday Night Live and Late Night with Conan O’Brien.

Have an idea for a No Joe Schmo? Suggest one here.

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