Who is No Joe Schmo?

No Joe Schmo delves behind the scenes of jobs you wish you had (like the roller coaster engineer), jobs that make you squirm (the alligator wrestler), and jobs you didn’t know existed (the dirty car window artist). The men and women who comprise the fabric of No Joe Schmo hail from local communities to mass markets. And while you probably wouldn’t recognize them on TV, their stories and career paths are just as insightful and worthwhile. Perhaps now more than ever, it’s vital for recent grads and young professionals to keep their minds open to outside-the-box opportunities.

Reading about other people’s lives is part of our cultural zeitgeist; that behind-the-scenes knowledge offers a sense of inspiration. It’s like finding out a secret on the playground that none of the other kids know about it. It’s giddy and thrilling and enticing. You can suggest a No Joe Schmo here.

No Joe Schmo has been featured on Forbes‘ first-ever list of Top 75 Websites For Your Career and syndicated on BlogHer Career.

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